Heathy life in 90 seconds


1. Eat bark
Most of the useful properties of apple hiding in the bark. In a laboratory experiment in the bark of red apples are down more than 10 chemicals that prevent the growth of cancer cells. According to studies of other types of peels apples are also very effective if they are not sprayed with chemicals. Artificially bred to go through the procedure and many pesticides are harmful.
2. Take supplements with calcium and
Adoption of adequate vitamin D and calcium significantly affect the reduction in risk of cancer. 4-year study shows that women who are taking this combination, the total cancer risk is lower by up to 77%. increases the body’s immune response, which is the first line of defense against malignancy. Skin produces vitamin D, when exposed to sunlight, but modern man, according to statistics rarely procure thereby enough and therefore need additional intake. Vitamines D et cancer
3. Use scents of lavender and rosemary
The scent of lavender calm sleep, but the plant can be very useful in daylight. Research shows that essential oils of lavender or rosemary, even for a short acting, reduced levels of stress hormones (cortisol) in saliva up to 24%. This hormone is a common cause of increased blood pressure and depression of the immune system. Lavender and rozmarin have an effect on reducing the level of free radicals in cells – the same mechanism by which act and other antioxidants.
4. Sprinkle salad with pistachio
Researchers from Pennsylvania State University found that 85 g (about a handful) of pistachios day for a month decreased total cholesterol by an average of 6.5 percent and LDL (bad) cholesterol – by more than 11%. This is not so significant reduction actually has tangible effects – the reduction of total cholesterol by about 7 percent reduced risk of heart disease by almost 14%. Pistachios are one of the best sources of plant sterols – compounds which are known to lower the absorption of cholesterol. But they should not be too far - traitement capillaires – only 30 g is about 160 calories.
5. Replace sugar with honey
Honey was used for medical purposes since ancient times. For example, affixed to a wound, it has natural antibacterial effect. Today science has known that the benefits of honey stretch far beyond the skin. Test studies show that honey slows the accumulation of bad LDL cholesterol.
6. Breathe deeply
Slow, deep abdominal breathing lowers the incidence of any warm episodes by nearly half – this : http://sante.journaldesfemmes.com/ shows the results of several studies. The decrease of estrogen is partly the reason of which gives the appearance of hot seizures, but researchers believe that stress also plays a role because it irritates the sympathetic nervous system. Breathe deeply to turn para-sympatic nervous system which activates the relaxation of the body. This will slow the heart rate will relax muscles and reduce blood pressure. Sit on a comfortable chair and allow your breathing to deepen over time. Breathe through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Close your eyes to limit distractions. Allow your abdomen to relax – the goal is to enable it rises and descends with each breath.